As a national AAAA-level scenic spot and a film and television production base under the direct control of China Media Group which was officially opened to the public on December 26, 1998, Nanhai Movie and TV Town covers an area of more than 1500 mu, integrating film and television shooting, leisure tourism, research, study and education, outdoor development, wedding photography, and brand display. It is composed of Imperial Palace Area, Jiangnan Water Town Area, Hong Kong and Macao Culture Area, and Leisure & Amusement Area, and located in Nanguo Peach Garden Tourism Resort, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province.


As one of the first film and television industrial parks and the film and television sites in Foshan, this scenic spot has received more than 500 crews and performed numerous classic film and television stories such as “Bodyguards and Assassins”, “ The Learning Curve Of A Warlord”, and “Breath of Destiny”, and laid a solid foundation for film and television culture.


Nanhai Movie and TV Town has beautiful landscape and charming scenery, and various areas have distinct themes and distinctive architectural landscapes. Among them, the golden and resplendent Imperial Palace complex is built symmetrically on the central axis, with magnificent scale and extraordinary momentum. The Jiangnan Water Town made of blue bricks and black tiles combines the essence of Anhui and Zhejiang architecture, permeating with a strong style of Jiangnan. The Hong Kong and Macao Culture Area is filled with not only the retro and nostalgic taste, but also the modern and pop elements. The scenic spot has made great efforts to create a new scenic spot of “Lingnan Idyllic Image” here. The golden rape flower fields are lush and the spring scenery is attractive, so that it has become a new Instagram-worthy location. 


The scenic spot actively explores movie and TV tourism, elaborately choreographed five classic programs, so as to enrich the amusement journey of the tourists to a great extent. The thrilling “Three Heroes Battle with Lv Bu”, the humorous “Jinggang Water Battle”, or the romantic and aesthetic large-scale live-action performance “Rainy Lane”, the magnificent “Allure of Dance in Han Dynasty”, and the “Angel on Roads” with unique style, are popular with tourists due to their distinctive charm.


In recent years, Nanhai Movie and TV Town has increased the cultural connotation of the scenic spot with a variety of theme activities, proved the flexibility of the scenic spot with various large-scale events, and achieved a qualitative leap in the construction and operation of the scenic spot.


As the only sub-venue of the Mid-Autumn Evening Party held by China Media Group, with the Final of the World Orienteer Cup and the sub-competition of Southern Guangdong Ancient Post Road, the opening ceremony of China (Foshan) Greater Bay Area Kung Fu Film Week, and other heavyweight activities, Nanhai Movie and TV Town attracts millions of audients, and its reputation is widely broadcast at home and abroad. It has successively assisted in holding influential activities such as Shishan Internet + Culture Travel Fans Festival and Finals of Shishan Tour Guide Competition, Nanhai Martial Arts Competition, Shishan Peach Blossom Carnival, the press conference of Foshan “May 1” Cultural Travel Consumption Benefiting People Event, so as to attract a great number of tourists to participate in and experience the events and receive warm response from all sectors of society.

The scenic spot keeps bringing forth the new and creating unique cultural tourism activity IP, and has launched a series of characteristic theme cultural tourism activities, such as Spring Festival Peach Blossom Festival, Cheongsam Cultural Festival in March, Automotive Stunt Show on May 1, and Kung Fu Food Carnival on National Day, which are highly interactive and experienced, and have formed a good reputation in the society. Among them, the Cheongsam Cultural Festival has become a name card of Foshan’s characteristic cultural tourism activities. Every March, it will set off the “Cheongsam Fever” across the country, leading the new fashion and driving the consumption of cheongsam peripheral products. At the sixth Cheongsam Cultural Festival, the competition was upgraded, the resources were integrated, a new IP was endowed to the event, and the “Qimeng Cup” was designed originally, and the application for appearance design patent was successful, and the new pattern of “tourism +” was created successfully.


Nanhai Movie and TV Town always adheres to the development philosophy of “people oriented” and “tourists uppermost”, stands for the management concept of “culture guiding tourism”, enriches the quality connotation of scenic spot, actively develops special tourism products, innovates IP of cultural tourism activities, improves the experience and satisfaction of tourists, and creates a “worth going and desire staying” cultural tourist destination.

Introduction to Nanhai Movie and TV Town

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